Republicans Still Want to End Obamacare

While the election defeat shock was still pretty fresh, the Speaker John Boehner stated that Obamacare was very much the law of to abide by and hinted in one his interviews that the time of repeated repeal vote was over. This lasted till the bosses of the party he belongs to corned him in the woodshed. The office of Boehner very swiftly recanted. On last Wednesday, Boehner said that Republicans will make use of an altogether different method to end the act of Affordable Care even though few polls clearly suggest that most of the Americans don’t want the repeal.

The Republican mentioned in an Op-Ed that the methods of their efforts of repeal were important to get a change. He stated that House Republicans might initiate committee investigations of affordable care law and the key will be nothing but the opposition at the state level. In a bid to make it appear like their latest strategy is indeed new, the Speaker said that in last few years he had notice that there were three methods through which a rule by the President can be repealed; the process of congressional oversight, the courts and the election process of president position. As two of the three routes are already not the options, the last one was the most crucial one, said the Speaker.

Boehner said that Government Reform Committee and House Oversight that are looked over Congressman Darrell and the very influential Ways and Means Committees have all subpoenaed Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, for the documentation related to promotions and implementation of the law. While GOP continue to decry unnecessary government spending the never ending investigations by the Republicans have cot the taxpayers millions are stopped Congress from doing something productive to improve the country’s tax system, creates job or improve economic condition in the country. These kinds of worthless witch hunts do nothing but increase the animosity among the two parties insuring the gridlock continues. Anyone who guesses that the election will change things around should think once again.

The Speaker also stated that the law of healthcare should be put across during negotiations over the methods to solve the big debt challenge of the country, but he also mentioned that any changes that come in negotiations would most likely modify the law and not just repeal. He wrote that they couldn’t afford to leave things as they were.

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